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Tree Services of Harpenden Herts, Redbourn, St Albans, Luton and all surrounding areas in the south east of England


We offer free quotes and discounts when we undertake any landscaping works at the same time.​
Our Tree Services

- Tree Felling​
- Tree Pruning & Shaping​
- Dead Wood Removal​
- Stump Removal​
- Crown Thinning​
- Pollarding​
- Tree Surveys​
- Emergency Call Out

Tree services in Herts Beds & Bucks
Our team of tree surgeons provide a wide range of reactive and planned tree work and tree maintenance for private and commercial clients within Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire Cambridgeshire and all surrounding area's.
Passionate about preserving and maintaining trees, we will always offer professional advice and only ever recommend any tree work if it would be considered good practice or essential for health and safety reasons.

Tree pruning
Every tree, location and client is unique, therefore to arrive at an appropriate pruning plan a balance has to be achieved between all three.

Crown reduction
This is carried out in order to reduce either the height or spread of a tree, or both if required. With careful and accurate pruning, this can be done without harming the tree, leaving it naturally shaped and balanced.

Crown thinning
This reduces branch density within the tree's crown without affecting it’s size. It reduces wind resistance and can help to avoid damage to the tree in storm conditions. It can also improve light penetration to surrounding areas.

Crown lifting
This involves the pruning or removal of low branches to improve light penetration, access under the tree or to reveal a view beyond.

Tree felling

If the decision has been made to remove a tree, you can be confident that our team of specialists will accomplish this without damage to property or gardens, wherever the location or size of the tree.

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