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Get to Know Us

DBS Tree Services


We are a very active business working around south east of England, with an excellent reputation for skilled and detailed attention to all aspects of tree care.


  • All our staff are highly trained so we can meet all demands required at all times. We work to the highest of our ability and provide very competitve prices for all aspects of work. DBS Tree Services will provide a high quality of work at a resonable cost.


  • We are comprehensively insured with public liability cover so you can be assured of expert advice on every occasion. Followed by the efficient execution of work to your satisfaction.


  • Remember - Poor quality tree care can cause hazardous conditions and reduce property value, so if you're a large woodland owner or the owner of a small tree, we can provide the appropriate service.


  • I am certified NPTC along with FASCO (8.2 advanced tree climbing)

Tree Surgery


The term Tree Surgery covers treating and preserving damaged or diseased tree's. Tree's very rarely require surgery however in some locations and soil conditions trees can be placed under stress casuing possible instability to the whole tree, selected limbs or root systems. Regular inspections are important for the discovery of any abnormalities which may have developed.


The following techniques are some that can be used to correct the abnormalities.


Cabling and bracing, canapy reduction, epitomic growth removal, pollarding and felling.


DBS Tree Services will consider all aspects of a tree's needs and base the work around these factors with the client's approval. We will work with our client's as a team to maintain the most effcient results for each individual situation.


All work carried out by DBS Tree Services is to be British Standard 8998/1989 (Recommendations for tree work)

Tree Stump Removal


Stump removal is the final step in the removal of a tree. Depending on the use of the area there are various methods to choose from. Use of a mechanical stump grinder is the fastest and most efficient, digging by hand is a further option although this is not desirale but in some cases this can be the only option.


As soon as the tree is cut down to ground level, witin a matter of weeks, the roots will cease to grow and shortly after will die. There are exceptions to certain tree species that develop new growth from the root system, this new growth will allow the production of carbohydrates and hormones to kep roots alive, assessment of stumps is therefore needed. Once the stump is removed the area can be filled with top soil to allow turf to be replaced or re-planting of shrubs or young trees.


Clearance of stumps can be carried out to a depth of 300mm below ground level. DBS Tree Services offer a stump grinding service and can also remove tree stumps even in the most difficult locations.

Hedge Cutting

This is a traditional method used to contain stock, although often used today for its visual impact.

Hedge laying is carried out in winter months as the sap is down and the hedge is at its most dormant.


There are many different styles of hedge laying which can vary throughout the country, this is because certain species are specific to different areas.


DBS Tree Services prides itself in being waste free and environmentally friendly company. It is our air to recycle 100% of all arisings from our work.


Brush wood is processed on site, compressed using woodchipping machinery to a fraction of its volume and can either be left for the client's use or removed for conversion to and environmentally sound mulching material.



We can supply quantities of good quality firewood logs cut and split at our processing yard to your required size. We can also supply fresh woodchip suitable for equestrian horticultural and path surfacing purposes. Please call for sample and prices.


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